Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Happy Hour

Hello supporters/colleagues of FaDU,

Thanks a lot to those of you who attended our Happy Hour last month at Solstice. It was good to share some reflections of the new school year potential projects in 2011-2012. October found many of us wrapped up in this wonderful, galvanizing Occupy Seattle movement, and we suspect this grabbed your attention, too.

Now we are ready to move forward on these UW writing center plans. We want to craft next steps and goals on the writing center campaign with you. We also want to see if you have you been able to do some research on how funding has changed at UW for the writing centers.

But whether or not you've done so, please join us Tuesday the 8th at Big Time (on the Ave), beginning at 5PM (this remains an all ages venue until 8PM). We know some classes are getting out just after 5PM, but you're welcome to come late. If you know that someone else is passionate about this issue, bring them, too. Come out, grab some pizza or frites to go with that pint glass, and help us plan some practical, radical politics!

In solidarity,


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